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Ernest Harding, Counselor Trainee

For nearly two decades, I operated and owned a barber shop in Lincoln Heights, where clients frequently confided their deepest thoughts and concerns. Fueled by a desire to offer more profound support, I'm currently pursuing a Master's in counseling following a Bachelor's in Criminal Justice. As a devoted husband and father of four grown adults, one of whom is autistic, my personal journey has fostered a profound sense of empathy and understanding. Although my professional background primarily involves working with African American males as a barber, I enter counseling with an open heart and a dedication to learning. With experience aiding clients grappling with depression, anxiety, and more, I am committed to expanding my expertise through ongoing education and hands-on practice. Ultimately, my aim is to cultivate a nurturing and accepting environment where individuals feel empowered to explore their innermost thoughts, striving to leave a positive imprint on their lives. 

"So many people had a hand in our success ....we were taught to value everyone's contribution and treat everyone with respect."  -Michelle Obama.